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If your monitor picture is to dark, the Z, Y and X may seem to be one black block. If the ajustments of your monitor is too bright, you may not be able to see the difference on A,B and may be C.

About this site
Updated Feb 26, 2010, or
This site is based on a private initative. Actually, it is a one man project, an unofficial web magazine focusing on Haugesund and the Haugesund region. It is based on my love to my home town and genuin interest in its history. It has been kept running, due to the many friends I have got, not at least in the norwegian America, that reports back their gratitude. Take a look at the guest book to meet them.

The site was started in 1997, and has thousands of pictures, articles and information details that, that even may be outdated.

The technical solutions are very simple. Text and picture link are stone age technology. If you don't like it, find another site to watch. If you search everyday pictures from the Haugesund region, however, stay here, as you may find what you search.

When looking through the archives, you may wonder why almost all the older pictures are very small, compared to the ones I publish now. That is due to the technology at the time it was published. Internet was far slower, and file size had to be small. Screen resulution was lower, so - the pictures you computer, with a high resultution screen, presents as smal, was far larger on a lower resolution PC 6-11 years ago.

The first years (1997-2003), I travveled around as a computer system engineer. Spring 2003, my mother was ill and passed away, giving especially little time for taking pictures for the site. And - generally, from 2002-3 on my travelling activities were reduced. My work changed, and since 2002-3, most pictures are from the town Haugesund and its close surroundings.

The from 2006 on, my job has been mainly an office job, full day. Suddenly, I am the grandfather of 4. I have a house that need to be kept, and my wife like us to travel abroad. This reduce the update frequency, and most of the pictures are shot in my time off. I use my sailboat a lot in my time off, giving you many shots from the coast, islands and ocean areas that make this area special.

Further down on this long and old page you can find historic information of the site.

At the moment (from Sep 2009)
New job as a manager / principal of the regional Folkeuniversitetet has glued me even more to the office chair, all week. My small and sailboat keeps on bringing me around when I have time for it. Pictures are often shot from that boat, or from places it brings me to. In winter time, afternoon shots, often made from the car, are typical.

(March 2009)

Since Nov 2008 I have been putting some all fresh photos ( 5-10 times a month)  under the Haugesund-Today heading on my site. The pictures are larger than before, as most people have higher resolution monitors and faster Internet connection now than a few years ago.

The office building fire April 2007 too was a major setback. Our excellent office view with our own web cams has been changed into "wall looking" close to the old site.

But remember: This site has been built to includes more hundreds of small articles and thousands of photos. It has lot of stuff to surf through. It has hundreds of local links, travelling information incl. Time tables for air, sea, and land based transport, maps and more too is maintained and get its fresh issues once in between. The Site guestbook, however, is normally updated the day after receiving a greeting.  

The web cams of Haugesund ( mainly on are running all the time, updating fresh pictures every minute.


Thousands of pictures
Even if the site now is mainly focusing on Haugesund town and the Karmsund areas, it has thousands of pictures and loads of info about the Haugesund region in the south western part of Norway. It is based on random pictures, shot were I am as I pass by. And I, that is Eirik Hustvedt - a freelance photographer and Folkeuniversity employee, after a 20 years sideslip in the computer business.

But remember - this is not THE Haugesund site or THE Haugalandet site. It is, however, a popular Haugesund and Haugalandet site beeing visited by thousands every week. 

The following URL's give direct access to this site:


99,5% of the pictures on this site are shot by me with digital cameras.

  • From April 2009 on I use a Canon EOS 5D MkII, an EOS 5D and the Powershot 7
  • Spring 2008 I bought a Canon 40D - and sold my 20D. (Now: 40D, 5D, Powershot7)
  • From Sep 2006 I have both the 20D and a Canon 5D + a Canon Powershot 7 compact camera.
  • From Oct 2004 on I have used a Canon EOS 20D
  • Jan - Sep 2004 I mainly used a Canon EOS 300D TTL digital camera.
  • In 2002 and 2003 until Dec 20, I have used 3 different Sony 707 and 717's 5Mpixel cams.
  • Before that, until summer 2001, Olympus C 2100 was the camera,
  • after Olympus C2500 (2000),
  • Olympus 2000 (99-00),
  • Olympus C1400 (98-99) and
  • Sony Mavica (97-98).

Former issues
Former pages are available (Archives). All issues from 1999 on are presented in this site, including thousands of pictures. In april 2001 we implemented a search engine in this site to make it easier to find what you look for. The answers may seem some confusing, but they all point on pages containing the words you search for. Try it ( se main page).

Making friends
This site started off in the end of 1997. It has given me may good, worl wide living, mainly US-Norwegian friends - and some of them have made other connections - through this site. Many have been home from other parts of the world, some of them for the first time. I even have reports of people moving home again, after having been tempted by this site.

My friend Hans Gangstø is a genealogist, having helped with many of the questions we get about roots and family search. Take a look at our Guest book if you're not already familiar with it.

The name Haugesund Today is the heading of part of the activity of this site. But - I present pictures and information from the whole region, The Haugesund region or Haugalandet. That's why -  in 1999 - I started presenting the site as Haugalandet.Net.  But I have kept the old name, firstly because I did not have the time to change all the old pages, later on as a part of the new site. Haugesund Today (right margin on site start page) give you picture links, various information, links to local information, the newspaper automatic Web Cameras - and often through all fresh photographic impressions more or less fresh reports.  

To develop this project further, I  originally had plan to make it more like a web portal for this region, with special focus on presenting things to do and how to travel or find places of interest in Haugesund, Karmøy, Karmsund, and our surrounding regions Haugalandet, Sunnhordland, Kvinnherad and Ryfylke. Later on, new official sites for this region has reduced the need for me making changes.

There is a cost with having a site like this. I sell pictures, Exinet / Hatteland  sponsors the web hosting,  and my company Hecon - Eirik Hustvedt have the equipment needed for creating it and a car for bringing me around where things happen.

I still hope for more local companies or other relevant companies or persons as sponsors / supporters.

Tidligere "Om nettstedet" versjon med selvbiografifra 1998
Former about-page including a "self biography (1998)

Hvorfor startet jeg Haugesund Today?
Why did I start making the Haugesund Today /

Mens jeg sitter og redigerer versjon 1. av denne siden kl 18.30 mandag 14. desember 1998
While editing the first version of this page Dec 14, 1998 at 6.30PM

Click for English version

Mitt navn er Eirik Hustvedt. Jeg er 1950-modell, EDB-konsulent og fotoarbeider av yrke og har på en måte Haugesund som hobby. I denne utgave nr. 276 av Haugesund Today er det første gang jeg forteller litt om meg selv, og om et ønske jeg har.

Jeg vokste opp i Haugesund, på Spannaveien like bak der hvor vi nå har Haugaland videregående, men da jeg var 10 år flyttet familien min til Bergen. Her bodde vi i 6 år, og selv om Bergen var en bra by å bo i og har gitt meg mange gode opplevelser og erfaringer på livets vei lengtet jeg hjem hele tiden. Det var alltid godt å kunne reise hjem til Haugesund. Den gang ( 1. halvdel av 60-årene ) gikk turen som oftest med Nattruten, men 3 av turene tok vi som 13-14 åringer på sykkel over Halhjem, Stord og Valevåg eller Bjoa.

Etter gymnas i Haugesund, hvor jeg avsluttet med å skrive særoppgave om Haugesunds historie og allerede var i gang å fotografere Haugesund, ettersom jeg var en ivrig amatørfotograf, reiste jeg tilbake til Bergen for å studere i 1969. Det endte med jobb og ikke studier. Senere fikk jeg med meg et år i Mo i Rana og 9 år i Trondheim hvor jeg giftet meg og etablerte familie. I "frivillig" landflyktighet ble følelsene for Haugesund bare sterkere. Og i 1981 flyttet vi endelig hjem igjen.

I "utlendighet" slukte jeg rått alt som hadde med Haugesund å gjøre. Det var alltid kjekt å se TV-innslag, eller lese artikler og omtaler av byen. Med dette som bakgrunn fikk jeg lyst til å gi de som nå bor utenbys anledning til å få en daglig og fersk "porsjon" Haugesund. "Haugesund Today" ( eller: "Glimt himanfra" ) er så langt et hobbyprosjekt som begynner å ta litt for mye tid til å fortsette å være bare hobby. Derfor er jeg i ferd med å utvikle "konseptet" til noe mer. Sidene skal være nyttige og informative, og noe du stadig finner noe nytt i. Hva ? - vil tiden vise.

"Haugesund Today" er en slags fotoalbum, og innholder dagliglivsbilder, for tiden  ca 1500 (justert jan 2000), fra byen og distriktet. Ikke alle bildene er blinkskudd eller perler, men de er alltid tatt den dagen de først ble presentert. De er eller har vært ferske glimt hjemmefra!

Det arbeides for tiden ( 1998 ) med å få satt opp 1 eller 2 automatiske Web-kamera ( kom fra 1999 av, men ble avsluttet nov. 2008 ).

Du kan ønske deg bilder / motiver, men jeg lover ikke at alle ønsker kan oppfylles eller at de nødvendigvis kommer umiddelbart. Men jeg har arkivert ønskene, og pleier å sende en påminnelse ( mail ) når bildene kommer. Dette kan gjerne skje etter flere måneder.

Bildene forøvrig er stort sett tatt i forbifarten - jeg kjører mye i forbindelse med jobben. En god del bilder er tatt i kirker, både under gudstjenester, konserter, brylluper m.m. Dette skyldes at jeg som  korsanger og vikarorganist ofte deltar på slike arrangementer. Har hatt mange positive tilbakemeldinger på slike bilder, bla. fra eksilnordmenn rundt omkring i hele verden.

Send oss gjerne en mail

English "version":
My name is Eirik Hustvedt, born 1950 - working as a computer application consultant and having Haugesund as some kind of hobby. Today ( dec. 14 ) I want to tell you a litle about myself.

I grew up in Haugesund in the 1950's.  10 years old, I moved with my family to Bergen. For me, this was the start of a 6 year long period of homesickness. We moved back to Haugesund in 1966. When finishing High school in 1969 on  Haugesund Gymnas, now called Skeisvang Videregående, I wrote about the history of Haugesund as my project work. And - as an amateur photographer I took many pictures of Haugesund.

In august 1969 I returned to Bergen planning to attend the university. But I ended up with a a job instead, and moved on to Mo i Rana in 1971 and to Trondheim in 1972.  My feelings for my hometown became stronger all the time, and I used every opportunity to read, look at TV or have other kinds of contact with Haugesund.

Finally - in 1981 - we ( I got myself a family in Trondheim: my wife Anne, two girls and a boy ) moved "home" to Haugesund, where I had to start my own business to be able to work with computer systems.

In the autumn 1997 I started making my church organ information site on Internet. And in january 98 the first issue of "Haugesund Today" was "published" - giving those of us ( Haugaland-people ) and others an opportunity to get in closer contact with our beautiful west coast town and district here by the North sea and at the entrance of " The fjord's of Europe".

Stay in touch! ( And please send your wish to the guest book )

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Todays ( most recent ) update

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