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Maps / Route planner


Community Maps

Regional 3D maps
Maps showing our spectacular region: Coast, ocean, fjords, mountains, waterfalls and glaciers

Norw egian only menues. Give very detailed maps and airial photos of Haugalandet, Sunnhordland, Kvinnherad and Hardanger


Gule sider / Yellow pages
The Norwegian Yellow and White pages (phone directory) are in both norwegian and english, and have good maps and airials, including the astonishing "Skråfoto" service for some of the major towns. With these, you can choose between viewing the places / objects fromfour directions: south, west, east and north (change direction by yellow arrow left/right edge of picture). Try it on Haugesund: (click here )


Statens kartverk:

Norway map system with town/ place/ street/ house number -search/ route planner:



This system from Multimap show  maps and combined satelite photos / maps. For example of Haugesund: Choose Airial and zoom all the way into the streets. Impressive quality


All Haugalandet  communities

You will find detailed maps on Visithaugalandet:  Maps

Most official community sites have norwegian text only