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1998 and 1999 has been removed from the server. ( First two whole years)

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First week ( Jan 1998 )

of Haugesund Today

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Special issues
(from the 1990's)

Panoramic pictures
Most from central Haugesund

Vår Frelsers Kirke 
Pictures of the central church

Virtual Haugalandet
Follow a virtual test drive  in Tysvær


Quiz-pictures from Haugesund
You need to know the town good

The Sleipner disaster

The Sleipner-disaster from day to day


med noen av våre blinkskudd
See some of the former Norway shot's

Fjord's and mountains

Glimpses from some of our tours 

Kyrksæterøra in Trøndelag
1999: White town by the Hemne fjord

The Åkra fjord
1999: Inner parts of Haugalandet

Climbing Galdøpiggen (2.469m)
2000: Highest peak in northern Europe

Airial view's of Jotunheimen
May 7. 2000

The Pulpit Rock (Prekestolen)
July 7, 2003