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Ryanair: Haugesund - London from April 30

Text and photo: Eirik Hustvedt
Published: Feb. 18, 2003
Sources: Haugesunds Avis, Radio 102, TV Haugaland, haugalandet.no, Avinor, www.Ryanair.com

For some time now we have heard about the possibility. In a couple of months it is a reality. We will get a new and important direct connection Haugesund - London with the Irish airline Ryanair.

At the moment, Ryanair is the most successful, international airline company. Their success is based on low prices, high efficiency, reduced service and the use of alternative airports. In London, they use Stansted, just north east of central London. Another example: Oslo for Ryanair is in fact Sandefjord airport, Torp. This airport, situated 1,5 hour with car or bus south of Oslo, has had a fantastic development after the start of the flights of Ryanair.

If you plan to use Ryanair, visit their web site to inform yourself about prices, possibilities and disadvantages. Be aware that onboard service is not what you are used to from other, full service airlines. You may bring a maximum of 15 kg luggage + 7 kg hand luggage. Access weight cost app. 50NOK per kg.  Prices may be higher than what you see in the advertisements (and they change from day to day). Ryanair take no responsibility if they delay you and you miss your connection (they normally don't - 89% is on time, 99% within an hour late). And - if they cancel a departure - that's your problem (food, hotel, expenses). Arrive in good time at the airport. According to their web site Check-in closes 30 min before departure!  And they charge you app. 1,5$ per min. for making calls to the Passenger service phone. But by accepting these terms, you can travel from A to B at a very low to medium price - with modern airplanes. They have done this for years now - and make success!

With Ryanair, you don't get a ticket. You make your reservation on Internet or Phone - and identify yourself when arriving as early as possible on the airport. Then they'll give you a numbered boarding pass. Early check in give you first access to the plane when boarding to choose the best seats.
(source: ryanair.com)

Ryanair to Haugesund?

Why / how did we get Ryanair to Haugesund?  One year ago, some local Haugalandet business men got the idea to talk to Ryanair, after having discussed the success of Torp airport in Sandefjord. They contacted Ryanair, told them about the possibilities of Haugesund and Haugalandet, brought the mayors of Haugesund and Karm°y over to Ireland to meet with the airline executives, invited them back here, and worked with the Norwegian airport authorities to get the necessary changes. And what Ryanair demanded, is not easy to accept for AviNor:

  1. Longer runway ( today it's 1.600 meter. They need 2.000 meter for their new 190 seat Boeing 737-800).
  2. Lower or no landing taxes - and low handling rates.

The cost question will be handled. The runway question seems to be possible to solve. At the moment, we expect the longer airport to be ready in September, October 2003, at a cost of 50 Mill NOK. A local airport development company has been formed to initiate the needed changes and negotiations with the authorities.

Ryanair must have liked what they saw and heard when being presented to Haugesund and haugalandet. April 30. they start off - with one daily connection from Stansted - to Haugesund - and back to Stansted. This is not the London airport, and if you want to go by London and use Ryanair, you will normally have to bring yourself and your luggage between Stansted and Heathrow. But Ryanair has dozens of European connections - from Stansted! From now on, one of them is for Haugesund airport, Karm°y.

Until the 2000 m. runway is ready, they will use smaller Boeing 737-machines.

Without trying, you can't win. Ryanair has vitalized dozens of airport nearby important towns in Europe. They did it with Torp, Sandefjord. Now - we hope for them to give us the same development. And - in April - we get another new connection, too. The Fjord Line cruise and ferry company start off with a new ferry from Bergen and Haugesund to and from Denmark. This give us direct connection to the continent. Our local tourist authorities are working hard now to make the Haugalandet region ready to handle the possibilities. And remember - with these new connections - Haugalandet will become a new and exiting gateway to Fjord Norway!



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